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Dr. Jim McCormack is an experienced Executive and Research Manager with a strong proven track record of success in the pharmaceutical industry. He has over 20 years of drug discovery and development experience and has led Drug Discovery organisations in both Big Pharma and Biotech. This includes the direction of strategy, and the overall operational responsibility, for all aspects of Drug Discovery, together with Company level strategic and executive management responsibilities. During his career across several key therapeutic areas, including metabolic diseases, cancer, CVS and CNS, he has driven the initiation and progression of discovery projects which have delivered several high value drug candidates into Development, some of which have now reached the market. He has also managed many external collaborations and joint ventures, and had key responsibilities in several successful in- and out-licensing deals.

Prior to co-founding McC+R&D Consulting Ltd as a pharmaceutical consultancy business, Jim was Senior Vice President of Research and Chief Scientific Officer at (OSI)Prosidion in Oxford where he led a group of 55 Drug Discovery scientists which delivered 4 novel IND track candidates for diabetes and obesity treatment in 5 years. Jim joined (OSI)Prosidion as VP Research & CSO in December 2004, and was with (OSI)Pharmaceuticals Inc. since June 2002 when he was appointed VP of UK Discovery, focused on oncology.

Prior to OSIP, Jim was VP for Scientific Affairs at Novo Nordisk in Denmark, where he was previously VP of Target Cell Biology leading a group of up to 100 Discovery scientists (1998-2001), and Director of Diabetes Discovery (1996-1998). Before that, he was Head of Biochemical Pharmacology at Syntex Research (later Roche) in Edinburgh (1990-1995), and a tenured lecturer in Biochemistry at Leeds University (1985-1990) and a Lister Institute Research Fellow (1988-1990).

Dr. McCormack’s degrees are in Biochemistry from Glasgow (B.Sc., 1976) and Bristol (Ph.D., 1980; D.Sc., 1991) Universities, and he has authored or co-authored over 120 full papers within the fields of metabolic regulation and signalling, and in drug discovery.
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